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Why do i need logo?

Once you have your business name, logo design creation is the most IMPORTANT THING you have to do. Yes it’s right! because your logo will be your business’s self identity; it represents you in everything that you do. Remember your logo will grace every single advertising and marketing materials, from brochure to website to packaging. So it is crucial to get your logo design in place, here are few tips to follow:
• Your logo must speak about what you do
• Your logo design must be memorable (easy to remember).
• Thus it needs to be unique and stand out.
• Your logo must look good in larger or smaller size
• Your logo must look good in black and white as well
Starlink Design Team will know how to satisfy all your creative needs.
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Why do i need a website?

If you don’t have a presence on the web and you’re convinced you don’t need one, you may need to think again.

Here are the important reasons:

• People expect you to have one
• It makes easier for potential customers to find and learn more about you
• A good website creates an instant credibility to your potential customers
• It is the ultimate sales brochure
• A good website can boost up your sales by 50-70%
• A website increases your business value!
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Think you can’t afford professional graphic and website design?

Think about how much you will lose. Some of your competitors are making butt load of money by having a correct branding and advertising message. Just ask yourself, would you like to increase your current sales? would you like your competitors to slowly steal your customers? After knowing the answer, then think again if you can or can’t afford a professional.

Why should i spend hundreds to thousands of dollars, where i can get my friend to do it for free?

It happens quite often, your friend might not charge you anything but you’ve wasted hours and hours of your own time chasing them down and trying to get them to finish the job and do it properly. We at Starlink Design, really value our services to customers and a quick project turn over, so you won’t have to chase us for projects. Just remember, that your logo will be a face of your company. And we will make sure you will get a perfect brand image from the beginning.

How Starlink Design can help my business?

Our services range from branding identity, graphic design, web development, animation, marketing strategy and press printing. We pride to call ourselves as a one stop solutions to all your creative needs. Even if we can’t do it ourselves we are sure to be able to recommend you to one of the best specialists.

So what should i do next?

Contact us and book a free one hour consultation with one of our specialists. During that time, the specialist will determine your requirements and how Starlink Design can help you.

What if i am not satisfied with Starlink Design’s service?

We always put our client’s satisfactory as the number one top priority thus Starlink Design has a ‘100% money back guarantee’ program (valid for 30 days after the project’s completion date). So there is NO RISK at all. ** Terms and Conditions apply

Why do i have to choose Starlink Design?

We pride ourselves of giving the best services possible to our client. Let’s have a look at what people think about us, we have gained their trust through our ability to satisfy creative needs, perhaps we can gain yours as well.

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